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Driver Seva Kendra

Creating Safe Havens for Drivers in the Transit

The Driver Seva Kendra is an imperative social initiative by APML to promise a safe and thriving environment for the truck drivers of our country that work relentlessly amidst the agonizing environments. This was not just an initiative by APML but an impactful medium to help the drivers add value to their lives in every way possible.

Constructed in high-security zones, these facilities were developed in the year 2012 and provided Indian truck drivers with the basic livelihood necessities they miss out on daily.

Sh. Ramesh Agarwal, Founder, of APML, says – “The Driver Seva Kendra, being a part of the APML Foundation’s CSR, was formulated with a clear initiative towards the betterment of truck drivers that survive through the overwhelming scenarios of the transit. Being a pioneering concept, this idea was highly acknowledged by truck drivers who often struggled to find peace, relaxation, and sleep breaks with continuously driving long distances.”

He further said, “They go above and beyond their capacities, leaving behind their loved ones and family to be a part of an extensive cycle that leaves them with no time for themselves. And through this initiative, we shall also attempt to assure that the drivers get a life that they genuinely desire for themselves. With this welfare amenity, the drivers of our nation will be guaranteed an abundance of services and much more, all at one shelter!”

Reports show, about 1, 39,000 people sacrifice their lives every year, and out of them, about 26,678 deaths are caused due to sleep deprivation. So, to help the drivers with their pain and to relieve them from falling prey to unforeseen road mishaps, the Driver Seva Kendra; also known as the Nidra Daan Kendra was established.

The idea behind conceptualizing Driver Seva Kendra was simple. Ramesh Agarwal, Director, APML, has always believed that truck drivers are the backbone of India. They are not only invaluable souls but an indispensable part of the economy that endeavors for expansion and progress, so it is important to have their voices heard and hard work revered.

Some of the amenities that were provided to the drivers in the Kendra were easy and safe parking facilities for their vehicles at night because the premise is highly fortified. Along with that, the drivers accommodating in these centers middle of the day can enjoy a peaceful sleep in the high-security zones, get access to round-the-clock medical assistance, get free health check-ups, bathing facilities, and hygienic food, and access self-care facilities like hair-cutting, shaving, and grooming, etc. without any extra charges.

The purpose behind focusing on the truck drivers’ life and livelihood was just one – to support and appreciate drivers for their relentless service because they certainly deserve the biggest respect and attention. They play a big part in facilitating the supply-chain network by assimilating the operations of the economy in such a way that sustains it and keeps it running for longer. This was one reason why the “Driver Seva Kendra” was also referred to as the “Nindra Daan Kendra” where the drivers of the nation were promised “Peaceful Sleep”. Moreover, to make the drivers feel at home, they were welcomed with a warm greeting and a heart full of respect.

Drivers form an integral part of the logistics sector but due to their strenuous work life and demanding routine, they end up being victims of serious accidents on the road or even otherwise. As per surveys, it has been found that this grave scenario of India’s truck drivers is due to their lack of sleep and rest and we, at the APML Foundation have pledged to save the lives of these drivers in every way we can.

This initiative which eventually turned out to be a well-built facility was directed towards strengthening and securing the lives of the truck drivers and India’s first-ever habitation amenity for drivers was named the APM Driver Seva Kendra and was established at Dudu, Jaipur.