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Child Education

Liberating Women to Be the Change; Bring the Change

We are dedicated to fostering positive change and creating education opportunities for the underprivileged with the help of 55 Ekal Vidyalayas.

Through our ongoing CSR efforts, we proudly support the right to education for children in backward areas. We believe that every child deserves access to quality education, regardless of their background or circumstances. That's why we're humbled to contribute towards providing educational opportunities to those who need it most. With every act of support, we're helping to shape a brighter future for these children, empowering them to reach their full potential and pursue their dreams.

While every woman is strong but they need to be felt empowered for the selfless responsibility they shoulder. The goal of the APML foundation is therefore to work towards the upliftment of the women population and empower womankind and every community that supports women. The truth is if we envision diminishing inequality amongst the genders, we have to first provide them with equal opportunities because that is what will establish a society that is strong, steady, and works for the benefit of all femininities without any discrimination.

What we often do not comprehend enough is that women do not need a platform to feel empowered and recognize their true strength. They are inherently strong and form the backbone of every imperative segment of the society they become a part of and with their incredible roles in the highly-competitive world today, they raise the bars, rather high, everywhere.

But there is another picture of our economy that shows a rather gloomy and appalling picture of the females around the country. The glimpses of rural India still have a significant section of society where women need to be uplifted and heard of. Though we believe, there are several aspects and too many factors influencing their existence; but with the right kind of policies and guidelines, we certainly can bring a paradigm shift in women's empowerment across all sectors and domains.

Some of the steps we, at the APML Foundation can take:

  • Establish a systematic format for children to learn digital skills.
  • School-going children can switch from offline to online with a little investment.
  • Women and college-going girls should take part in awareness programs.
  • Avert issues like child marriage and girl-child slavery that they are facing globally.
  • Report cases to the higher administrative authority without any fear.
  • Improvement in girl-child care and maternal care.
  • Scholarship programs should be introduced for underprivileged women.

By giving women equal rights and responsibilities as their male counterparts, we do our bit to not only encourage a household but also a country at large, that still somewhere battles a lack of opportunities and essential facilities for women. We also conduct regular meetings to identify the problem areas we need to work on and seek professional guidance to build together a world that respects and elevates its global status.

APML, being a forerunner in the logistics segment, has always believed in equality and an unbiased atmosphere, at the workplace, along with excelling in every crucial business aspect. To acknowledge and support women's empowerment, we have never discriminated against our workforce based on their gender and proudly announce to have some of the leading positions in our company be headed by some incredible women.

Even if we look beyond their specific role in the corporate and business sphere, we can see how strong-headed women in the past have made a mark in bringing a massive change in the country and the world around them. Therefore, it is important that their education and employment opportunities are prioritized and there are sufficient options for them to explore new horizons.